Bawburgh R4 Bunker


DSC_0002 (3)R4 three-level Sector Operations Centre bunker built as part of the ROTOR programme.

Underground ROTOR Bunkers were easily recognisable from their characteristic guardroom bungalow and surface support buildings (vent shafts, radar bases etc) they followed a more or less standard design blueprint.

The reason the ROTOR bunkers were built underground was not to provide them with an element of secrecy by hiding but to provide the operators and delicate electronic equipment with a certain degree of protection from bomb attacks. The main stations to be built underground were the ones in the areas judged to be in areas most at risk of bombing. They were originally intended to work in groups of three with all three radar functions covered by the three sites (CEW, CHEL and GCI). The GCI would be at the centre with the CEW and CHEL sites located remotely and reporting back to the GCI site.

A fourth floor was later added and the bunker became SRHQ4.1 and later RGHQ4.1

Would love to see what state the bunker is in now but sadly its locked up tight. The only info I can find online is that its owned by Highpoint Communications.

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