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Useful links to other information about underground Norwich

Riddled with Tunnels?

Myths and legends regarding tunnels in Norwich by Norwich HEART. Some good background info on Norwichs chalk mining past along with various information on tunnels which may or may not have existed.

Hidden East Anglia

Information about possible secret tunnels around Norwich and Norfolk that may or may not have once existed.

Evening News Undercrofts

“A Norwich man’s mission to photograph Norwich’s hidden history.” A pretty bad article about Terry the undercroft man! Shame how they didn’t actually put any pictures of undercrofts in the article!


Norwich Underground Flickr Group

If you have any photos of underground Norwich and you’re on Flickr add them to this group or just have come and have a look at what other people have added.


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  • Thanks, that sounds interesting. I will definitely do some research on this and ask my Dad if he knows anything about an undercroft there.

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