15 St Giles Undercroft

15 St Giles Undercroft – NUMBER 15 ST GILES STREET

Numbers 13-17 were originally one house built in the sixteenth century, but this was divided into three houses in the nineteenth century. All three properties are now shops. The English Heritage listing details about the undercrofts are as follows: “ Undercrofts:- Brick. 2 bays ranged at right angles to the street line with heavy, double order diagonal ribs, single cross-rib between bays and shallow side chambers. A C19 wall now divides the 2 bays. Barrel-vaulted passages connect the undercroft to a later chamber (C16) at the west end of the buildings having a pointed barrel-vault profile at right-angles to the street line. The latter is one of the very few undercrofts contemporary with the building above of early 16th century date.”

The undercroft under number 15 is accessed via a flight of steps from inside the shop. It is of brick construction, plastered over in most places. The first part has diagonal rib vaulting which leads to a section of pointed barrel vaulting. At the end of this passage there is a small section at right angles which ends in a bricked up arch. There is also a chute from the roof which may be a Victorian coal chute. The undercroft also contains two lamp niches.

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