Music House Undercroft

Music House Undercroft – MUSIC HOUSE KING STREET


The oldest part of the house above dates from the twelfth century. The twelfth century stone built undercroft is beneath the left-side gable width which represents the extent of the original house.

It has 2 compartments with a connecting door: the first is entered from the street and has roll-moulded and hollow chamfered ribs, the rear room has 2 bays of groin vaulting between flat-section transverse arches, and the remains of a spiral stair in the north-east corner.
On the south external wall of this undercroft are the remains of a large respond with ricked base, the remainder of this phase of the building being destroyed by the fifteenth century brick-built 3-bay undercroft which runs parallel to the street-line. Of the 5 bays, the 2 western bays have roll and hollow moulded diagonal ribs and the others have groin vaults.

The undercroft is used as a bar (Jurnets Bar) and is open to the public several nights a week.

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