9 Princes Street Undercroft

9 Princes Street Undercroft – NUMBER 9 PRINCES STREET


The building above the undercroft is an early nineteenth century brick built house which is now used as offices.

The undercroft is built of brick and dates from the fifteenth century.

It is of the pointed barrel-vaulted type with rectangular section cross-ribs. It consists of 2 bays and 2 end ½-bays terminated by later walls at right-angles to the street line. There are 4 side chambers with an opening above in line with the main space.

The original entrance was in the north-west corner.

There is a section with an end passage boarded up which may lead to the adjoining undercroft below number 7.

The undercroft appears to have been replastered, but the original brickwork is visible in a few places.

It is used for storage and is not open to the public, though the owners very kindly let me go down there.

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