34-36 Elm Hill Undercroft

34-36 Elm Hill Undercroft –┬áNUMBER 34-36 ELM HILL


The building above the undercroft is currently an art gallery, the Crome Gallery and was originally a large house built in the 16th century and remodelled in the 18th century before being divided into 2 houses.

The undercroft dates from the 15th century and is built of brick. It consists of a pointed barrel vaulted chamber which extends beneath the pavement from an 18th century cellar and is possibly the remains of larger undercroft.

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  • Hi there,
    Great site and photos. I’m wondering if I can get in contact with Terry George about the undercrofts surrounding St. Peter Hungate (streets of Elm Hill, Princes Street, Wagon and Horses Lane and Wensum Street), for an exhibition that Hungate Medieval Art are putting on in the Spring. I’d love to be able to share emails with you, if possible, about using one or two of your photos for this exhibition. Do contact me via the email address I provide here!
    Best wishes,

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